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Google Analytics Mobile App SDK Updates - iOS6 Support And More

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mobile app measurement is critical to the future of marketers, developers and entrepreneurs. Since the Mobile App Analytics beta launch in July, we’ve been receiving great feedback from many app developers and advertisers in the beta testing program. We’ve been using that feedback as well as our own roadmap to improve Mobile App Analytics. This week we’re excited to share new versions of the beta SDKs with a few important updates:

Added armv7s (iOS6) support 
This will enable app tracking within iOS6 apps / compatibility with new Apple devices.

Added support for social interaction tracking
Are there social elements in your apps? Understanding how they are used is critical to improve their performance - especially as the integration of social and mobile grows closer.

Refined Google Play sources reports
This fixes a bug that previously prevented Google Play sources report from accurately reporting campaigns on most devices running Honeycomb or later.

Fixed CoreData issue in iOS SDK and several issues in Android SDK
Our use of coredata on iOS is more compatible with multi-threaded environments; and fixed the issue for Honeycomb and later devices to measure install campaigns for google play properly.

As a reminder, here’s the link to enroll the mobile app analytics beta and start your journey with the new Google Mobile App Analytics.

For users who are using old SDKs (v1), updates are also available for iOS and Android, with the two major updates:
  • Added armv7s (iOS6) support
  • Added support for 50 custom variables (Premium only)
Please keep the questions and suggestions coming as you try out the updated SDKs.

Posted By JiaJing Wang, Product Manager, Google Analytics Team

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