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Mark Your Calendars For These Upcoming Analytics Events

Friday, 10 August 2012

Next week Google Analytics team members will be presenting on several key areas of measurement, both online and in-person. Be sure to mark your calendars and join us as we share ideas and best practices about everything analytics.

Google Developers Live Event (Online)

Make the Web Fast: Measuring performance with Google Analytics Site Speed reports
How well does your site perform? Are the slow pages affecting your conversation rates or driving away potential visitors and clients? In this perfcast, we will talk with Justin Cutroni and Ilya Grigorik about the new "real user measurement" (RUM) capabilities available in Google Analytics: we will discuss how the data is collected, what it means, and take a deep dive into some of the advanced use cases of how you can leverage this data within Google Analytics.

Date: Tuesday, August 14 at 2:00pm PST

How to watch: watch live at following GDL link, or add the event to your calendar on Google+.

Search Engine Strategies (San Francisco)

Google has several unmissable sessions at SES. Be sure to attend these two focused on measurement:

Business Optimization in a Digital Age
We were promised that Marketing one day would become rocket science. Well, we are almost there! Search continues to become more complicated, and more exciting. Then there's Social and Email and Display and Video and... so many more things. It is hard to understand how to do one thing right, much less try to do all of them right. In his exciting keynote Avinash Kaushik will share his unique perspective on balancing multiple media channels, leveraging super awesome metrics, grounding your digital existence in driving economic value, and leveraging the Clear Line of Sight model to ensure you are optimizing across all four of the most important business drivers.

Date: Tuesday, August 14 from 9:00-10:00am PST

Understanding the Mobile Customer Journey
Mobile apps are changing the consumer world and app developers, brands and marketers continue to invest heavily in the development of applications. This session will be an open dialogue about:
  • How there are currently more than 600,000 mobile apps on Google Play - and why you need to understand how your app is found, why it is critical to stand out and why mobile analytics are key to improve your apps performance in increasingly competitive marketplaces.
  • Brands increasingly creating mobile applications to reach their customers, and why they need to track and report end-to-end measurements of their results (as well as integrate mobile measurement holistically across digital tactics).
  • What are some of the best practices to begin mobile campaigns (landing pages, click-to-call, analytics, integrations, etc.).
  • Examples of brands, SMBs etc. using mobile in an effective way.
  • The future of mobile - where it is headed and when.
Jason Wells, CEO, ContactPoint
Adam Singer, Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics

Date: Wednesday, August 15 from 10:30-11:30am PST

How to attend: SES runs from Tuesday, August 14 through Thursday, August 16. If you’re in San Francisco, check out the agenda page for the full details of our sessions and be sure to come out and say hi.

Posted by Adam Singer, Google Analytics team

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