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Making Google Analytics Content Experiments Even Better

Monday, 23 July 2012

A few weeks ago, we announced Google Analytics Content Experiments.  Since our announcement, we have been busy making Content Experiments available to Google Analytics users and improving it based on your feedback.  We'd like to tell you about a few changes that we have recently introduced:

Content Experiments available to everyone. Every Google Analytics user can now access Content Experiments. You can find this feature under "Experiments" in the "Content" section of your Standard Reports.

Support for relative URLs. Using relative URLs affords you increased flexibility when defining the location of variations.  This is particularly useful if you have experiments running on multiple domains, subdomains, or pages. You can learn more about using relative URLs in Content Experiments by reading our Help Center article.

Ability to copy experiments. You can now copy experiments by clicking the Copy experiment button on the Edit Settings screen of the experiment you want to copy. If you are running an experiment on a page, this allows you to run additional experiments after the original one finishes without having to add experiment code to your page or otherwise modify it.

Improvements to the experiments report
. We've added regular Analytics-report capabilities to the experiment report, such as: Site Usage, Goal Set, and Ecommerce tabs, and the option to choose which variations you want to plot in the graph.

Click the above image to view the full report

We hope that you find these improvements useful. Our team is working hard to make Content Experiments in Google Analytics even better. Stay tuned for more news!

Posted by Inna Weiner, Software Engineer

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