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Workflows Simplified - Introducing Flow Viz PDF Export and Alerts Widget

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

GA users have voiced their feature requests around Flow Viz, and we’ve listened. The team is very happy to introduce a new feature for Flow Viz: PDF Export.

The PDF export will respect your interactions within the flow. If you highlighted a connection, or changed the dimension, the exporter will print those out as well in color.

This feature can be found in all Flow Viz reports, including the Visitors Flow, Goal Flow, and Events Flow. You can go to your favorite Flow Viz reports and check it out now.

Besides PDF export, we’ve also been working on another useful feature. 

Ever wished that you have easier access to your alerts? What about a quick glance at the trend of your alerts, to see if there are any anomalies? Look no further. The GA team has been hard at work to bring the new alerts widget to your GA dashboard.

This new widget gives you a view on the number of automatic and/or custom alerts that you had over the date range selected. If you click on the widget, it will lead you to the intelligence events report, simplifying your workflow. 

This widget will automatically be included in all your newly created dashboards if you select the “starter dashboard” option. In addition, if you have already created a customized dashboard and would like to add this new feature, you’ll be able to find the alert widget under the TIMELINE visualization. 

Under the “Add a metric” drop down menu, you’ll be able to choose “All Alerts,” “Automatic Alerts,” or “Custom Alerts.” To learn more about alerts, please check out our help contents page.

Thank you for giving us your continuous feedback, and we hope these new features will help simplify your analytics workflows. Please reach out to us with questions and comments, and we are always happy to take additional feature requests under consideration.

Posted by Jerry Hong, Google Analytics team

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