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Learn How Google Analytics Helped BuildDirect Increase Sales By 50%

Monday, 11 June 2012

BuildDirect operates in over 100 countries and aims to simplify the sourcing of materials for its customers. As a virtual organization they credit much of their success to savvy use of online marketing and advertising. 

With a comprehensive marketing mix of search advertising, email newsletters and conversion optimization BuildDirect uses Google Analytics insights to get more value for every dollar they spend on marketing. Read a brief summary of the techniques BuildDirect used and results achieved below:

Linking AdWords to Analytics enabled BuildDirect to increase search marketing conversions by 37%
By importing AdWords data for analysis, BuildDirect found that long tail keywords helped drive users closer to the products they were actually looking for. This resulted in a better user experience as visitors needed to do less site navigation, and took less clicks to complete a sale. Now, long-tail keywords perform three times better than regular keywords 

Campaign Tagging led to a doubling of email conversion rates 
Tagging links in different email creatives helped BuildDirect discover which versions drove the most customer conversions -  doubling the conversion rates of their email campaigns. Additionally, BuildDirect uncovered that customers who bought a sample were most likely to return and purchase if if they were subsequently shown highly relevant messages. 

Improved Site Usability resulted in 100% increase in sample orders and 50% increase in sales
By reducing the steps from cart to payment confirmation from three steps to one, BuildDirect was able to increase sample orders by 100%. Using the In-Page Analytics feature BuildDirect could understand what content users were actively engaged in so they could make better decisions to prioritize, improved or eliminate pages and refine the checkout procedure. 

Be sure to read the full case study [PDF link] to learn all the techniques BuildDirect used to maximize their marketing spend. 

Posted by the Google Analytics team

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