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BCIT increases visitor satisfaction with 4Q Suite and the Google Analytics API

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One of the great aspects of being part of the Developer Relations team for Google Analytics is that I get to work with a lot of awesome partners that build cool and successful apps using the Google Analytics API. We've decided to share these successes as a series of mini case studies highlighting a variety of Google Analytics Apps. And to start off with we have iPerceptions’ 4Q Suite.

Objective: Improve the visitor experience
British Columbia Institute of Technology wanted their website to be both functional and satisfying. But, behavioral data alone wasn’t telling them what key audiences thought about the site. BCIT knew what visitors were doing on the site but wanted to learn more about why they behave the way they do. The overall objective for BCIT was to gain a better understanding of which content and processes were most effective for various audiences.

The Solution: 4Q Suite and the Google Analytics API
To meet this objective, BCIT chose 4Q Suite, an online survey tool built by iPerceptions. 4Q uses the Google Analytics API to link 4Q Suite survey responses with the corresponding Google Analytics session data. An analyst can then use this data to answer questions related to visitor intention and satisfaction. 4Q tracks six “Voice of Customer” events within Google Analytics. These events are related to survey completion, task completion, purpose of visit, and overall satisfaction. With 4Q survey data available in Google Analytics, marketers can better prioritize site enhancements, monitor the effectiveness of ad campaigns and marketing events more closely, and quickly identify changes in conversion. The Google Analytics API also makes it possible for 4Q to export GA data into the 4Q Suite dashboard, enabling analysis of the integrated dataset and open-ended feedback. And, users can view or receive automated alerts of significant changes based on the combination of 4Q Suite and Google Analytics data.

Result: Increased visitor satisfaction
Alan Etkin, Project and Web Analytics Manager at British Columbia Institute of Technology uses Google Analytics and 4Q Suite to segment site visitors by key audiences (students, prospective students, and faculty & staff), and see the differences in task completion and satisfaction. When BCIT redesigned their site with a strategic focus on prospective students, they saw a 15% increase in satisfaction among these visitors. Their behavioral analytics data also showed a 279% increase in a key conversion event for prospective students. From a strategic standpoint, 4Q Suite has given BCIT a clearer understanding of key audiences and has helped them report their results to the leadership team with easy to understand metrics. This, in turn, has helped them secure additional resources and the support to move forward with new projects.

About 4Q Suite and Google Analytics
4Q Suite was built by iPerceptions. According to Claude Guay, President & CEO, “The response has been tremendously positive. Many of our clients insist that the integration between 4Q Suite and Google Analytics is the most valuable feature that iPerceptions has to offer because it connects what visitors are doing on their website with why they are doing it and how satisfied they are. 4Q Suite has rounded out our Voice of Customer analytics offering. Now companies of all sizes can hear what their website visitors are saying, connect the what with the why, and react to the issues that affect satisfaction and conversion. In the space of a few weeks since launching, hundreds of 4Q Suite customers have already enabled Google Analytics integration.”

4Q Suite can be found through the Google Analytics App Gallery or directly from the 4Q Suite website.

If you’re interested in developing applications for the Google Analytics platform visit Google Analytics for Developers.


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