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Web Analytics TV #21 - Short, Sweet, Delicious

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Welcome to another delightful episode of Web Analytics TV! Web Analytics TV, as you well know by now, is powered by your amazing questions. In this wonderful episode we had questions from Australia, Denmark, India, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and even Cleveland Ohio.

If you’re new to this show, our process is simple.

Step 1: You ask, or vote on, your favorite web analytics questions. Vote on next week’s questions using this Web Analytics TV Google Moderator site.

Step 2: From a secret undisclosed location at the Googleplex Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer them. :-)

In this episode we award the “Ninja of the Episode” and award it to Scott in Cleveland, Ohio for a really great question about verification steps in funnels. Scott, just email us and we’ll send you a signed copy of Web analytics 2.0.

OK. Here is the list of last episodes questions.

In this action packed episode we discuss:
  • (0:53) Setting up a funnel for a process which requires a verification step
  • (3:21) The impact of using profile filters to remove internal IP addresses
  • (4:05) Using regular expressions to match on event goals
  • (5:15) Grouping multi-channel funnels by landing pages
  • (6:24) Tracking site links with Google Analytics
  • (9:27) Manual campaign tracking with links that use anchor tags
  • (11:15) Best practices for tracking sites with different language sections
  • (14:00) Getting a report with 3 dimensions
  • (15:40) Tracking bounce rate to many product pages as one page
  • (18:45) Seeing reports that have unique visitor utma ids

Here are the links to the topics we discuss:
As always, if you need help setting up Google Analytics or leveraging the advanced configuration options, we recommend hiring a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

If you found this post or video helpful, we'd love to hear your comments. Please share them via the comment form below.

This series would not be possible without your awesome questions. Please submit them on our public Google Moderator site, and while you’re there don’t forget to vote for your favorite questions.  Avinash and I will answer them in a couple of weeks with yet another entertaining video.

Posted by Nick Mihailovski, Google Analytics Team

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