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Summer time and the learning's easy!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Our Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACPs) are busy over the summer making sure Google Analytics and Website Optimizer users have plenty of opportunities to learn the basics, deep-dive the data, master the technical stuff and tune for conversions!

So if you're in need of some fast-track training, why not join them? Here's the June schedule for US and Europe:

Tue-Fri, June 14-17, 2011Dallas, TX
Wed-Fri, Jun 22-24, 2011San Diego, CA
Tue-Fri, June 28-July 1 2011London, UK
Wed-Thur, July 6-7, 2011Glassgow, Scotland
Tue-Thur July 12-14, 2011Philadelphia, PA
Wed-Fri July 13-15, 2011 Boston MA

If these dates don’t work for you, see the complete Seminars for Success schedule.

This is what you’ll learn by attending a seminar with one of our GACPs:

Whether you’re just getting started or have been involved with Google Analytics for a while, if you’re looking for a thorough training in all of the reports Google Analytics provides, this is the course for you. First, you’ll get a detailed background in the web analytics industry. Then you’ll go through a detailed examination of all of the reports Google Analytics has to offer, with real-world examples of how they can help you. You’ll also learn how to segment your site’s users, spot key trends, and of course, how to take your web analytics data and use it to your advantage.

If you’re already familiar with the basics of Google Analytics and are looking to become more sophisticated in your analysis, this course will show you how to do just that. Whether your business goals are user engagement, lead generation, or e-commerce, you’ll benefit from learning how to use the most advanced analysis features of Google Analytics, like Intelligence and Advanced Segmentation.

For those who are comfortable with Google Analytics but want to dive deeper into the technical side of GA, this advanced technical implementation course is for you. This training is tailored a bit more toward the tech-savvy, but is extremely valuable to anyone who wants to learn what Google Analytics can do when taken beyond the “plain vanilla” implementation. You’ll go “under the hood” of Google Analytics and learn about filter configuration and setup, opportunities for advanced, custom implementations, as well as the newest beta features that are rolling out.

Once you’ve nailed down your Google Analytics implementation, you’re ready to start taking action on your data by testing your website. This interactive training in Google Website Optimizer teaches you how to test your site to improve your users’ experience and your business’s bottom line. Attendees will receive a strong background in landing page testing and testing best practices, many real-world case studies, and an optional, hands-on lab experience in starting both A/B and Multivariate tests.

If you've been wanting to increase your knowledge on Google Analytics, Seminars are one of the best ways. Seminars are going on across the United States and Europe. If these days don't work for you check out the full seminar schedule.


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