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Web Analytics TV #18

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcome to yet another amazing episode of Web Analytics TV! We had so much fun doing this one, you are going to have a blast as well.

Web Analytics TV, as you well know by now, is powered by your questions. In this episode we had questions from Australia, Brazil, India, Denmark, England, Netherlands and so many other places. Y’all rock!

Our process for this show is simple.

Step 1: You ask, or vote on, your favorite web analytics questions. Vote on next week’s questions using this Web Analytics TV Google Moderator site.

Step 2: From a secret undisclosed location at the Googleplex Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer them. : )

Here is the list of last weeks questions.

In this action packed episode we discuss:
  • (0:12) Best way to integrate Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics
  • (1:21) Getting the page title next to the all navigation report
  • (2:18) Why clicks and visits might not match between AdWords and Analytics
  • (3:43) Preventing URL tracked with campaign tracking being indexed by Google
  • (5:04) Is there a downtime using ga.js (tracking code). And the benefit of async?
  • (7:04) Why you see other in the top landing pages report?
  • (9:06) Why you see self-referrals in Google Analytics
  • (10:41) Tracking banners and internal campaigns
  • (12:45) Combining the search referrers to a group of pages
  • (13:55) Tracking the number of clicks that happen between domains
  • (15:48) Is there a Pod cast on iTunes?
  • (16:20) Google Website Optimizer
  • (17:22) Differentiating between video click referrals
  • (18:16) Using matched search query term without auto-tagging

Here are the links to the topics we discuss:
As always, if you need help setting up Google Analytics or leveraging the advanced configuration options, we recommend hiring a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

If you found this post or video helpful, we'd love to hear your comments. Please share them via the comment form below.

This series would not be possible without your awesome questions. Please submit them on our public Google Moderator site, and while you are there don’t forget to vote for your favorite questions. Avinash and I will answer them in a couple of weeks with yet another entertaining video.


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