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New! Google Analytics Gift Cards

Friday, 1 April 2011

You may have noticed in your local supermarket, coffee shop or video store an exciting new item - Google Analytics Gift Cards (beta)! They’re good for redeeming in any Google Analytics profile for additional intelligence in your Intelligence reports. And the great part is, you can give them away to friends or colleagues who you think could benefit from more Intelligence. They’re the perfect gift for your boss’s upcoming birthday.

Google Analytics Gift Card

So why would you need additional Intelligence? For starters, you’ll get new alerts in your Intelligence reports that are only available by redeeming the Google Analytics Gift Card. The new alerts are even more sensitive and smart. For example, a new alert will be triggered when the system finds one of your pages a little too loud or noisy from a design standpoint, or if your checkout process is annoying, or whenever there's use of blinking, neon, non-hyperlinked text on your site.

The Gift Cards offer the new Intelligence Alerts in amounts of 5, 10 and 500 - for people who really, really need more Intelligence. They’re still in beta, but should be available in a store near you at some point in the coming weeks most likely, or not.

Warning: Purchasing an Analytics Intelligence Gift Card will not magically turn you into an analytics ninja.


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