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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

This time, in his latest post, he expounds on three advanced segments that are just as useful as the custom reports, and even easier to create and use on a day to day basis. The post is called 3 Advanced Web Analytics Visitor Segments: Non-Flirts, Social, Long Tail.

And the great part is that, like a true evangelist, he describes them in an accessible way such that you can understand and create them for whatever web analytics tool you're using. And if you're using Google Analytics, you can simply click on a link to add them to your own profiles.

To whet your appetite for a fantastic read, here are the three segments

#1. Non-flirts, potential lovers (hint: this is a segment that's working for you)
#2. Social media link tracking (this is like a complete book's worth of knowledge in a few paragraphs)
#3: Search Queries With Multiple Keywords [3 words, as well as 4, 5, 10, 20]

The post goes beyond just giving you a few segments (reminder: with the click of a button, you can actually use them): I'd add it to a required reading list for any Google Analytics poweruser. Enjoy, and thanks Avinash.

Happy 2011!


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