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Swissotel's High Value Visitor Segment

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thanks to the Conversion Room Asia-Pacific Blog and Vinaoj's team in Singapore for this insightful, enterprise-class case study.

Need a little inspiration for ways to get a LOT our of Google Analytics? Well, Advanced Segments is a great place to start. As you might know, they allow you to dissect your traffic into audiences that you actually care and want to know more about. And here's a great example of use by a major hotelier.

Barbara Pezzi, Director Webmarketing, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, is back to share with us how Swissotel properties in Singapore used advanced segments to better understand the needs of their UK and Australian visitors. By using advanced segments and her detective skills, Barbara was able to determine that Australian visitors were seeking deals, while her UK visitors were more interested in the quality of the rooms. She was able to optimise her AdWords campaigns and messaging based on these insights, and quickly managed to see a 68% increase in revenue and a 92% increase in conversion rates.


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