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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Back in Episode 10 of Web Analytics TV, (32:00), Lisa C from Melbourne asked how to pull a trending report from Google Analytics for the top organic search landing pages. This was such a great question, that we wrote 2 articles and released sample code describing how you can automate retrieving this data from Google Analytics Data Export API. But first let’s look at the results.

Here is a graph plotting traffic to the top 100 landing pages for organic search for all of June for www.googlestore.com.

Let’s Analyze. This is the typical trend graph you can find across the Google Analytics web interface. By itself, all you can tell is that something happened during the spike. What you can’t figure out is which page actually increased in traffic; to do so would require lots more digging.

Now let’s try again. Here is a stacked area graph of each of the top 100 landing pages for organic search.

This approach dramatically reduces the amount of quota required. In the best case, only 2 queries are required.


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